AIR Eurasia Cover


Poem by OpenAI GPT-3 | Images by Midjourney | AIRendition

“A young Eurasian woman stands tall,
Her past of servitude, she won’t recall,
Though she has escaped the Oriental Geisha,
The memories remain within her reach.

She has broken the cycle, now she’s free,
The past is no longer haunting her dreams,
The shackles that once held her back,
Are nothing more than a distant memory.

Her journey wasn’t easy,
The struggle was real and tough,
But the resilience and strength she found,
Was more than enough.

She never allowed her circumstances to define her,
Her will to break free was her only power,
The courage to take a stand and fight,
Was a gift that she found within.

Gone is the life of servitude,
No more a slave to the Oriental Geisha,
She has paved a new path for herself,
One that is full of hope and dreams.

She is no longer defined by her past,
But by the present and future, she creates,
Her story is a reminder to all,
Of the power of courage and resilience.

The young Eurasian woman stands tall,
Breaking the cycle of servitude,
Her story is one of courage and strength,
A story of hope and dreams.”

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