AIR Ocean Waves - 001

Ocean Waves

Poem by OpenAI GPT-3 | Images by Midjourney | AIRenditions

“Rippling waves of azure blue,
The crystal clear waters of Waikīki,
Where the sun’s rays cast a golden hue,
And the surfers are ready for some fun.

The rainbow ocean waves break in an array,
Soaring into the air with each swell,
In a dazzling array of hues they play,
The beauty of Waikīki is hard to tell.

The sun beats down on the surfers below,
As they paddle out with their boards,
The salty air is filled with the sound of the flow,
As the waves crash against the shore.

The swells come in like a living tide,
Riding them is a real thrill,
The wind whips up the water’s pride,
And the ocean’s mighty power is revealed.

The rainbow ocean waves are a sight to behold,
A kaleidoscope of colors, a vibrant show,
A rainbow of energy that is pure and bold,
A reminder of nature’s beautiful flow.

The waves dance along the shoreline,
A peaceful reminder of Waikīki’s beauty,
As the sun sets and the evening shines,
The rainbow ocean waves are a work of art for all to see.”

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