Victoria’s pendants

Poem by OpenAI GPT-3 | Images by Midjourney | AIRenditions

“A shining gemstone hangs from a golden chain,
A precious gift from her beloved, Albert the same.
It was crafted with love, a sign of deep affection,
The Queen’s pendant is a symbol of protection.

A reminder of their love, of their lasting bond,
It was given to her on her wedding morn.
A token of his love, a cherished keepsake,
A reminder of their love, no matter the heartache.

The Queen wore it near her heart day and night,
Shining brightly in the sun’s warm light.
It was a constant and a symbol of their trust,
A sign of love that could never rust.

Years may pass, but the pendant will remain,
A testament to their love, and of her reign.
Queen Victoria’s pendant is a cherished memory,
A reminder of their love, for all eternity.”

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